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Regency Towers Spring Break Rules

Spring Break Rentals Policy and Parking
Effective For Dates March to April periods at Regency Towers 5801 Thomas Drive

ALL (Rental and Owner Rental Unit) guests must check-in get a parking pass at Lobby for onsite parking at Regency Towers Resort.

After office hours; Security’s responsibility is to inform ALL guests’ they MUST come to the Lobby office by 10:00 a.m. (CST) the next morning to receive your parking passes and everyone in the unit has to receive an armband.

·       Only the rental office has authority to give armbands and parking passes to Regency Rental Guest and Owner Rental guests' during Spring Break periods.  (Security will only issue the blue temporary parking passes to late arrivals).  View Spring Breaker, College break condominiums for 21 years or older groups ~ View the List


·        Blue Temporary Pass: The Only pass Security is responsible for giving out; To ALL Late Arrivals. Unit number & date required. Advise guests they must check-in with Rental office by 10 AM the following morning to avoid any citations or a possible tow. Rental office will recycle these passes daily and return to security at the end of rental office hours.


·        Regency Towers (Rock-it-Lanes) Pass: 2 passes per unit are issued when under 70% occupancy. If over 70%, only 1 parking pass per unit will be issued for parking inside the gates. Handicap Parking has priority for visitors at Regency Towers complex!

·         Florescent Yellow Pass: Permits Regency Towers guests to park in the overflow lot; visible from guard shack with 24 hour camera surveillance.

·        Orange Pass: VISITORS ONLY: Temporary parking in overflow lot.
              ****This pass expires at Midnight. No exceptions!****


***R.T.O.A. - Regency Towers Owner Association Staff will give and issue armbands and parking passes to all visitors at Regency Towers during Spring Break Rental Periods, March and April periods in Panama City Beach, Fl..

(The Only Exception: A Blue Temp passes given by Security to late night arrivals after normal business hours - Our Gated security team is onsite 24/7).

(Provided by V.P.R.Staff at time of check-in).

The purpose of armbands is for the safety of our guests, owners and to recognize authorized guest's stay with Vacation Place Rentals properties. These color-coded armbands are vital in keeping our Staff, families, and residents secure by confirming our Regency Towers guests and their ages. No one will be permitted inside/on the property, off of the beach, in our SSpring Break condominiums or granted entrance to Regency Towers Complex without one of these armbands.

·        All confirmed/authorized guests (Ages 15+) will need to bring a photo ID to receive an armband at check-in. Late arrivals have to check-in with the owners association by 10:00 A.M. (CST) the following morning to receive bands for all guest's staying in the condo/unit.

·        Fluorescent Yellow: AGE VERIFIED: Authorized guests are 21+ and confirmed by a valid photo ID.

·        Orange: Authorized guest 18 but not 21. Confirmed by photo ID

·        White: Authorized guest 17 and under. Confirmed by photo ID
(If entering the Billiards/Gym, must be accompanied by an adult).

Complex Rules to abide by for Spring Break Periods for Vacation Place Rentals properties at Regency Towers:

1.)  One member of your party must be at least 21 years of age or older to reserve a unit.  This 21 year old must occupy this condo during the entire term of your rental stay.  Failure to abide by the policy will result in immediate eviction.

2.) Swimming pools hours at Regency Towers are from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

3.) Hot-tub, onsite exercise facility and billiards room requires that no one under the age of 18 shall be permitted with an adult 21 years or older.

4.)  Balconies at Regency Rentals - No items should be thrown from balconies.  This is against the law in the state of Florida and may result in fines or imprisonment.

5.)  Complex Quiet times at Regency Towers are from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

6.)  Regency Towers rentals by Vacation Place Management team has a strict NO Drugs, NO kegs, NO nudity, NO obscene language, or obscene behavior policy.

Regency Towers Rentals By Vacation Place Rentals Team

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